Plant A Church

Church planting is efficient. C. Peter Wagner states, “There is no more practical or cost effective way of bringing unbelievers to Christ in a given geographic area than planting new churches.” This statement is the result of extensive research and analysis of church growth. Church planting provides the infrastructure to support and maintain the fruit that is coming forth. Teaching the biblical financial principles of tithing and giving provides the substance to continue to extend the kingdom of God further.

Although there are generally many churches in any given community in Canada, DOVE Canada believes that as long as there are unbelievers in the community there is a need for new churches. Research shows that new churches are very effective in reaching unbelievers. New churches are not better than the existing ones, but should compliment them in an effort to see the whole community reached and discipled with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Church planting develops new leadership. It provides the opportunity for new and young leaders to stretch their wings and fly. We use the example of parents owning a house with different rooms. As they have children, each child may have a different room in the house to call their own. But there will come a time when just a room in their parent’s house is not enough. They will want their own house. Healthy parents will release their children to get their own place. It will be a stretching, learning experience for the children. Church planting allows our spiritual children to reach a new level of maturity they won’t reach if they continue to live in our house.

We believe the Lord is calling forth church planters for Canada, not just for a harvest of souls but to carve out new beacons of light by planting dynamic, life giving churches filled with the power of God.           Brian Sauder — Apostolic Leader DOVE Canada  

If you desire to start a church or are already leading a church and would like it to be a part of the DOVE Canada family of churches contact us at