Apostolic Leadership

Apostolic Leadership

DOVE Canada is a part of an apostolic movement called DOVE International. An apostolic movement is a family of churches and ministries comprised of people with various gifts that share common vision, values, goals and a commitment to plant and nurture churches and ministries throughout the world. DOVE has a God-given authority and responsibility to serve, train, equip, release and protect the people, ministries and churches throughout the regions of the world and advance the kingdom of God.

Over the last decades Christ has been restoring the apostolic to the church. While the nature and function of Apostles has never ceased, many who served in this capacity were not recognized as such. Some were called missionaries, pioneers, prophets, but they were fulfilling the call and characteristics of apostles. In recent years there has been increased demonstration and understanding of the gift of apostle. It is given for the harvest.

If Apostles were integral to the development of the early church and that is our model, then certainly we should expect to find them building the church today. During the reign of Alexander the Great, it is recorded that when he sent out a navel task force to accomplish a mission on his behalf, the task force was called an apostolic mission and the navel commander of that task force was called an apostle. We believe God has given DOVE International an apostolic mission for the world and DOVE Canada an apostolic mission for Canada.

The most prominent leaders in the New Testament were apostles. The spiritual authority of apostles was in line with the work that God gave them. It functioned with humility and love. For example Paul held authority over the churches he founded among the gentiles, but when he went before the apostles at Jerusalem he did so with a submissive attitude. Gal 2:2. The apostle did not have an all-inclusive dominion, but only the authority that corresponded to their direct commission from God. Apostles then selected elders who gave leadership to the local churches. (Example: Timothy and Titus).

Biblically, we understand the New Testament mentions more than the original twelve apostles who walked with Jesus. The scriptures describe Paul, Barnabus, Apollos, Timothy, Titus and others as apostles. This is important for us to realize because some parts of Christianity have a theology that leaves no room for apostles today. This teaching is built on the mistaken belief that only the original twelve apostles were authentic. Simply stated because there are more than the original twelve identified in the New Testament it leaves room for modern day apostles to be identified and function in the church today.

DOVE Canada’s leadership team is called an Apostolic Council. This Apostolic Council gives servant leadership and oversight to the DOVE churches in Canada. Our apostolic mandate is to declare our victory in Emmanuel, meaning God with us.  To learn more about our Apostolic leaders and other five fold ministers, go to Resources – Book a speaker.